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2017 Q1 General Membership Meeting of the ASP

The ASP held its 1st Quarter General Membership Meeting last Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at the Mayuree 1 Ballroom of the Dusit Thani Manila in Makati City. Deputy Insurance Commissioner Ferdinand George A. Florendo, head of Financial Examination of the Insurance Commission, discussed updates on the recent and future action plans of the ...

Isagani De Castro

When I was asked to give a tribute to our late colleague, Mr. Isagani de Castro, I first hesitated, not being used to doing this. But the request said to give just a few personal tidbits of the Gani I knew. Anne also promised that a write up on him would be prepared and I was just to read it. I prepared the tidbits as requested, so, this is a ...

Lourdes Sison

American mythologist Joseph Campbell once said that in the ancient Aztec civilization, motherhood is viewed as a heroic deed as it is the giving over of oneself to the life of another. Maria Lourdes Lilia Sison, or Lulu to those who know her, fits that ancient and timeless standard. Aside from being one of the illustrious actuaries that have ...

Chito Garcia

Elvis Presley once said, “Rhythm is something you either have or don't have, but when you have it, you have it all over." Alfonso P. Garcia, or Chito for those know him, positively embodies this quote. Testimonials by those who have seen him dance certify the presence of rhythm. More importantly, his life, rife with achievements and ...

Coralyn Del Rosario

Cool, calm, collected – 3 words to begin describing Coralyn Del Rosario or Mrs. D as her colleagues at Wyatt would fondly call her. But mind you, you have to earn the right to call Mrs D.  How, I am not sure.  Words such as beauty, grace, confidence and warmth also crop up. For 35 years, Coralyn, aside from being one of our distinguished ...

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