Maria Victoria Lim


avlimEvery now and then, it may not be easy to remember that our established actuaries in the industry were once actuarial staff, toiling away with their exams and soaking up knowledge and wisdom from their superiors. One of those knowledgeable and wise superiors is Maria Victoria Lim or Avic to those who know her. A brilliant actuary and an outstanding mentor, Avic has stood as an influential person in our actuarial society through the years.

Avic graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, major in Actuarial Science, magna cum laude in 1985. She was consistently in the Dean’s List and was granted an Exequiel S. Sevilla Scholarship for Actuarial Studies in her final year. She was awarded as a Young Thomasian Achiever in The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) Awards. In 1990, she became a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of the Philippines. She then completed her Master of Science in Applied Math, major in Actuarial Science at the premier state university, University of the Philippines, in 1991. In the course of her graduate studies, she became University Scholar and was once again granted the Exequiel S. Sevilla Scholarship for Actuarial Studies. In 1994, she became a Fellow of the Life Office Management Institute. She later became a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in 1997. People had remarked that she had so many F’s early in her career, FASP, FLMI, FSA, F as fulfilled.

She entered the workforce as a computer programmer at Computer Connection, Inc in 1987 where she was Awarded as a Model Employee. From September 1988 to January 1989, she was an Actuarial Department Manager at Fortune Life and General Insurance where she reported directly to the Senior Vice-President and Actuary. From 1990 until March 2015, she worked for Philamlife becoming First Vice-President and Chief Actuary and, later, Chief Risk Officer. It was her stay in Philamlife where she had guided and mentored future actuaries who went on to have their own remarkable careers at various companies in the insurance industry. These actuaries, who now have staff of their own, have passed on the work ethic, philosophy and pearls of wisdom they have received from Avic. Former staff of hers would often mention how incisive her top-notch intellect is, what a fine work ethic she has inculcated and how understanding she is as a boss. Avic has also shown that sheis multitalented by being one of Philamlife’s star dancers during Christmas presentations.  She has also won awards as both singer and dancer in Philamlife competitions!

Avic had also given back to the actuarial society by taking on various roles and responsibilities through the years and becoming president in 2003. Avic has also been known as magnanimous and big-hearted not just to family but other lives she has made blessed to have touched on. All in all, the actuaries she has guided and mentored will serve as a testament to her enduring legacy as they, in turn, guide and mentor our future actuaries.


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